A story of the immortals.

I just thought it would be nice to give an update on the story.

I’ve been somewhat uninspired lately and have been trying to get work done (To little success), but in that meantime I have beenĀ collaborating with a friend of mine on another project.

It will most likely start at the end of the story I’m on now, so I estimate it to be right around never.

The next project is a comic involving the strange adventures of a number of immortal characters, which is really weird for me to write about.

Seriously, I’m a horror author, I don’t work well with adventure novels!

But none the less, I am working a lot during the day so I have less free time than I normally had for writing. Normally I would have had several chapters posted by now, but time is against me it seems.

So please remain patient, or follow me on Devian Art, whichever is fine.


The blog.

Why do I have a series of random letters for the title of this blog, is what you’re probably asking.

The answer is simple: I am lazy.

See when it comes to spending time on something as simple as the title for a blog (That I’m sure few will ever read) I really couldn’t care less, so I typed in a series of random letters and called it a day.

What I will use this blog for: I plan on using this for informing people about my upcoming stories.

I will probably give a few short stories on here, if I feel like I should, but that will be for a different blog.

So now that you know what’s going on here, presuming you’re still reading this, I hope that you will follow this and give me plenty of support and ideas.

Thank you,